Launching a Pool

The Pool Onboarding Proposal, POP for short, is a community owned and CFG governance-led process for onboarding RWAs into DeFi through the Centrifuge protocol.

Why POP?

The POP is intended to both simplify the process, as well as curate the quality of RWAs financed through Centrifuge in a transparent, open structure that enables participation from the community as well as from experts within the community. With the launch of the Centrifuge App, the POP is more important than ever. The information provided helps the community vote on your pool with confidence. The process is held by the Community, and most specifically CFG token holders, using their tokens to vote on launching proposed pools.

How to submit a POP?

POPs must be submitted in the Centrifuge Governance > Proposals sub-category on the Centrifuge governance forum. Make sure to include the tags cp5, rfc and pop-submission and create your own tag with the proposed pool name (e.g. jays-properties).

The title of the post should be:

1RFC: (POP) [pool name]


1RFC: (POP) Jay's Properties

Please use the template below for the content of the post and also read the guidance prior to a POP submission.

POP template:

POP guidance:

You can view all submitted POPs to date here.

What are the steps of the process?

1. Propose Pool

  • Submit POP to the community governance forum for a Request For Comment (RFC) period.

  • Allow for a minimum of 7 days for discussion with the community and the Centrifuge Credit Group, who may volunteer to do an analysis of the proposed pool at their own discretion and share it with the community. Credit Group participation is not guaranteed.

  • The applicant can host a Pool Party if they would like to engage with community and allow the community to ask questions.

2. Launch

  • To prepare to launch the pool, the POP must go to a vote.

  • For an onchain vote, the applicant must submit their POP to Github. The Governance & Coordination Group (@ImdioR or @Rhano) can help facilitate the GitHub submission if needed.

  • An onchain proposal is then initiated directly from the Centrifuge App and the referendum vote will appear on Subsquare for all CFG token holders to vote on (duration of 7 days). If it passes the vote, the pool will be live on the Centrifuge App (after an enactment period of 8 days from when the vote passes).

Contacting for support questions

If you have any questions related to the process please contact Centrifuge's support email ([email protected]) with the subject POP - Assistance.