The Centrifuge DAO

At the core of Centrifuge's governance is the Centrifuge DAO. CFG token holders play a pivotal role, steering the direction of the protocol and leveraging the Centrifuge treasury through both offchain and onchain voting. Mandated groups (described in detail below) help guide specific aspects of the DAO and protocol.

A few major components of the Centrifuge DAO include:

The Centrifuge Credit Group (CCG)

The Centrifuge Credit Group is a team of experienced credit experts who help to onboard high quality real-world assets to Centrifuge. This group provides unbiased and objective reviews of pool onboarding proposals, as well as support for the community with questions about the setup, assets, and risks of proposed new and existing pools. As part of our DAO, the CCG brings traditional financial experience, credit expertise, and institutional networks to the Centrifuge ecosystem.

Centrifuge Forum: The Centrifuge Credit Group.

Protocol Engineering Group

The Protocol Engineering Group (PEG) is a mandated group containing Centrifuge core developers responsible for providing technical assessments and roadmaps to the DAO and broader community. They provide feedback of the technical feasability of governance proposals and gather feedback on protocol development.

Centrifuge Forum: The Protocol Engineering Group

The Governance Coordination Group

The Governance Coordination Group (GCG) is a mandated group within the Centrifuge DAO that is responsible for facilitating, coordinating, and formalizing governance processes. The group was formed to ensure that proposals and governance decisions are aligned with the mission of Centrifuge, which is to unlock economic opportunity by connecting people to borrow and lend money transparently and cost-effectively.

Centrifuge Forum: The Governance Coordination Group


k/factory, (a.k.a. k/f) is a software studio founded by the original contributors to the Centrifuge protocol. Core contributors from k/f help build Centrifuge per direction from the community.

k/factory site

Centrifuge Network Foundation

The Centrifuge Network Foundation (CNF) helps grow Centrifuge by funding research, development, and maintenance of the protocol and ecosystem.

Centrifuge Network Foundation site

Founding Documents of the Centrifuge DAO

The Founding Documents of the Centrifuge DAO are a binding agreement that sets the foundation for how we work together as a DAO. Key to the Founding Documents is the Shared Mission, a fixed destination that everyone can navigate towards even while there is significant change around us, a set of principles for how we work, a Code of Conduct, and roles, rights and obligations of members.