Code of Conduct

Common to any group trying to do something big and complex, conflicts can occur. We are designing this Code of Conduct to avoid harm to our community and its culture and to minimize distractions from our shared mission. To be a superbly functioning DAO, it’s necessary for members to go beyond our own idea of ​​'right' behavior and agree to a shared set of standards defined in a Code of Conduct (CoC).

Our Code of Conduct is designed to:

  • Encourage respect, professionalism and mutual understanding.
  • Create an inclusive and harassment-free environment.
  • Provide a way to minimize toxic conflict.

This CoC regulates not only what is considered acceptable and unacceptable, but also describes the offboarding steps for individuals who repeatedly violate the Code.

The Centrifuge DAO Code of Conduct (2023)

All members, regardless of their status or role, of Centrifuge DAO are expected to be aware of and adhere to the Code of Conduct, both online and in-person during discussions, events, meetings, and off-sites that are hosted by or associated with Centrifuge.

The Centrifuge DAO does not tolerate harassment of DAO members in any form. It aims to resolve conflict.

It is important to try and recognize and address all forms of harmful or unacceptable conduct, even if it is not immediately obvious or easily identifiable.

Improve the Discussion

  • Be agreeable, even when you disagree. You may wish to respond by disagreeing. That’s fine. But remember to criticize ideas, not people.
  • Spend time browsing the topics and discussion points before replying or starting your own thread or post. Think about whether your post adds to the conversation.

Be respectful

  • Be civil. Don’t say anything that a reasonable person would consider rude, offensive, abusive, or anything close to hate speech.
  • Communicate constructively: without attacks or barbed comments.
  • Avoid microaggressions, these are subtle actions or statements that reflect prejudice or discrimination against a particular individual or group.
  • Don’t harass anyone, impersonate people, or make continued one-on-one communication after requests to cease.

These are not concrete terms with precise definitions — avoid even the appearance of any of these things.

Keep it Real

DAO participants should understand that Centrifuge is a protocol for financial applications and that acting with integrity around financial matters is an absolute must.

  • Information shared with others should be honest and truthful. There is no room for dishonesty.
  • Governance participants should disclose when they have a relevant potential conflict of interest when they are engaging on a topic or activity.
  • Actions and activities within the Centrifuge protocol should align to our shared mission and DAO principles.
  • Ethical conduct of financial products offered on our infrastructure is non negotiable.

Uphold good online culture

  • Keep it clean. Don’t post anything obscene or sexually explicit.
  • Avoid trolling, insults, derogatory comments, and personal attacks.
  • Don't publicize private communication (of any kind) without consent, including recording or logging online activity (i.e. screen-shotting) for reposting.
  • No "outing" of any aspect of a person's identity information without their consent.

Keep It Tidy

Make the effort to put things in the right place, so that we can spend more time discussing and less cleaning up.

  • Price discussion of the native token does not belong in Centrifuge channels like Discord, Forum, and Slack.
  • Don’t start a topic in the wrong channel or category; please read the definitions.
  • Don’t cross-post the same thing in multiple channels or categories.
  • Don't derail topics in order to push attention to a different topic.


If you see a problem, flat it. Any member of the DAO or any member outside the DAO can report the violation of the CoC (including an ongoing conflict between parties) to the Governance and Coordination Group (GCG) and Forum and Discord Moderators (henceforth known as 'Moderators'). The Moderators are contactable via Forum, Discord or Slack. For handles of moderators see the Appendix.

All reports will be reviewed and investigated and will result in the response deemed necessary and appropriate to the circumstances on the basis of CoC. Moderators will maintain confidentiality with regard to the reporter of an incident.


Moderators have the mandate and responsibility to remove comments or other contributions across the Centrifuge channels (Forum, Discord, Slack and etc.) that are not aligned with this CoC.

Moderators have also the right to issue warnings to members of the DAO if they violate the Code or to suspend temporarily or permanently offboard any members for other behaviors based on this CoC and the steps of Violation listed below.

Warnings and Offboardings

Moderators have the right to issue a warning or offboarding when a violation occurs depending on their understanding. Multiple warnings can lead to an offboarding.

Conflict Resolution Process

If there is an ongoing conflict between members or groups, either party — or any party who observes this conflict — can request to the Moderators that mediation occur.

If mediation cannot be done by Moderators, the Moderators should propose a Conflict Resolution Committee, consisting of 3 DAO members (objective and independent of the parties involved). One or more of these people must have experience in conflict resolution or mediation. The Centrifuge DAO has access to a network of mediators at who should be involved in any committee. Some of whom are also DAO members.

The role of the Committee is to try and resolve conflict in the way that best serves the parties involved and ultimately the principles and mission of the DAO. It is a temporary committee established solely for the purpose of resolving any conflicts or disputes between the parties in the DAO. If or after the specific conflict is resolved, the Conflict Resolution Committee dissolves.

Appendix: GCG and Moderator Contact Information

| Moderator | Slack | Forum | Discord | | ---------------------------- | --------- | ---------------- | --------------- | -------- | | Orhan (GCG) | @Orhan | @rhano | @Rhano | CFG#6808 | | Ivan (GCG) | @ImdioR | @ImdioR | @Imdior_CKZ | CFG#8610 | | Kate (Forum Moderator) | @Kate | @Kate_Centrifuge | @Katebee#9477 | | Christian (Forum Moderator) | @Tjure07 | @Tjure07 | @Tjure07 | CFG#4308 | | Ash (Discord Moderator) | @ash | @Ash | @fishscale#4561 | | Yaroslav (Discord Moderator) | @yaroslav | @Yarosl6 | @Yaroslav#3010 |

The Code of Conduct is part of the Founding Documents that Centrifuge DAO approved. You can find Founding Documents of the Centrifuge DAO here.