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Integrated with DeFi

Integrated with DeFi

Currently, most DeFi (decentralized finance) applications are limited to their respective blockchain ecosystem. Bridges between chains exist but using them is cumbersome and expensive with the need to set-up different tools and swap several tokens.

Centrifuge Protocol will provide Connectors that allow for direct integration with any general purpose EVM blockchain. By creating a standard layer that builds on top of generic bridges this minimizes the effort required to integrate a new EVM based chain.

Using these Connectors as the bridging technology, integrations could be used to enable protocols to invest in real world assets. Stablecoin protocols such as MakerDAO could invest into the pools that they want. This could allow issuers to access deeper liquidity without having to integrate all these DeFi sources of liquidity and new end user markets themselves.

While the Centrifuge Protocol is built on Substrate, interacting with the Centrifuge Protocol would be possible from multiple chains creating a true multi-chain ecosystem.