Centrifuge configuration

The default configuration with all available options is accessible here. You may adjust certain configurations according to your requirements.

  • Configure node under NAT

    If you want your node to be accessible outside your private network, you will need to manually specify the External IP of the node:

    2 externalIP: ""
  • Configure notification webhook (for incoming data from other peers)

    To receive an event when a new document has been shared with your node, add your WebHook endpoint in the config.yaml file:

    2 endpoint: "http://localhost:8080/endpoint/"

    For more information, see the Notification Payload.

  • Ethereum max gas price

    To adjust the maximum gas price (in wei) you are willing to pay per transaction:

    2 maxGasPrice: "xx000000000"

    Note: 20 Gwei would be "20000000000".

  • Disable Pre-commit

    The pre-commit option configures the node to acquire a lock on the anchor that should be anchored next before asking other peers to sign the message. This setting is enabled by default. We do not recommend disabling it. Only do so if you know what you are doing.

    2 precommit: false