Centrifuge Chain Test Networks

Centrifuge Chain Test Networks

Centrifuge has multiple testnets online that have been created to test and stabilize the interaction between Centrifuge’s components, but are unaudited and experimental for now. These testnets have no economic value on-chain.

  • Amber is our release candidate and our second testnet. It is meant for audits and testing the stability of release candidates. Think of Amber as a way to test beta releases.

  • Flint is our first testnet that has been running since November 2019. It is meant for breaking changes and testing integration with other parts of the Centrifuge ecosystem. Think of Flint as a way to test previews and alpha releases.

View the status of the testnets on Polkadot Telemetry:

Some nodes on our testnets are reporting telemetry ot telemetry.polkadot.io. You can look at the information here: