Create an account

Create an account/key pair

  1. Open the Portal:

    a) Amber:

    b) Flint:

  2. Create a new account for your user by navigating to "Accounts" and clicking "Add account".

    Fill in the form, e. g. for Peter Parker: create account

  3. Click "Save" and then "Create and backup account". Make sure you save the downloaded JSON file in a safe place.

  4. Done! You can now copy your address and send it to others to receive tokens. The address is the string starting with 5... under the name of your account, e. g. 5HKk5u...wp29Zd in the following. You can copy it by clicking on the icon to the left of your account name: account address

Getting Testnet Tokens

To run a validator you need to stake Amber Radial (ARAD) or Flint Radial (FRAD) tokens.

Thanks to BlockXLabs you can get FRAD testnet tokens for Flint from their Flint faucet! (Amber will follow soon — in the meantime ping us on our slack channel).

Once you are ready and need more ARAD/FRAD for staking, please reach out to us at with your address so we can send you the appropriate amount.